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The mission of the PWN is to build a sustainable community for professionals working to protect the public’s health from contaminants in private water sources. In order to accomplish this, the PWN will provide opportunities to (1) connect with peers, (2) share experiences, ideas, and resources, (3) access timely and relevant guidance for existing and emerging issues, and (4) build capacity to do the work more efficiently and effectively. To learn more, click here.

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  • Please ask you questions on PFAS in Private Wells on this thread. Virginia Yingling, who recently did a webinar on this topic, will be answering your questions from 8 am ET to 4 pm ET. If you haven't seen the webinar, you can check it out in the PWN Resource ...

  • Dr Albert, As the UNCOVER EH and other research projects specifically cite the extraordinary lack of regulatory protections related to individual private well water and the ground sources they access, what advocacy or guidance could your agency ...

  • Hi Reem, Thanks for the question. For those who support and educate private well owners, in my opinion, I think there are two primary ways that the regulatory process can be useful or inform/influence educational outreach. The first is the significant ...

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